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A collective of artists, creatives, curators and everyday people searching for beautiful and meaningful pieces of art.

'Boem' draws inspiration from the Boheme art movement; where artists went against the grain of creating for the typical bourgeoisie audience.

We are trying to do the same, by making art available for everyone

What We Stand For

Quality at accessible prices

Our reproductions are pieces created by independent artists or are featured in Museums such as The MET. Our pieces are printed in limited editions on museum, archival quality paper or canvas starting at $50 CAD

Supporting the community

We feature collections from independent artists across Canada. We are dedicated to connecting them to a wider audience to share their story and works of art

gallery boem manages the logistics, so artists can focus on what matters - creating and connecting

Art education + literacy

Art can be intimidating - we are looking to empower individuals to be able to talk about artwork and the pieces they purchase. Our resources, 'Talking Points' and Artist Profiles aim to be starting points

For those wishing to further their art knowledge, we have linked some external resources below spanning various topics

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for"


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As two young professionals and hobbyist artists new to decorating and purchasing art, we sought out high quality curated art at an accessible price. As we searched, we found that originals were costly, prints lacked emotional connection to the artist and their stories and we didn't know what looked good in our space!
We knew other people felt the same way.

Our mission is to change that narrative - by providing art education to enhance literacy, sharing stories of artists and offering museum quality fine art through limited edition reproductions at accessible prices while still maintaining collectors value.

We are a platform for a collective of artists, creatives, curators, and everyday people searching for beautiful and meaningful pieces of art. Welcome to the world of art.